The Summer is a great time to bust out your crafting supplies and start some Do-It-Yourself projects with help from your local Goodwill.

Do you want to do something creative with your wardrobe on a budget? We love helping our customers find what they are looking for and also helping them express their creativity while thrifting. Check out these cute DIY projects that you can do yourself or with your family.

Tie-Dye T-Shirts

This project has been around for a while and is a summer classic! Plus, it’s always nice to have a fresh pattern on your tie-dyed shirts. When you get your tie-dye supplies from Goodwill, you aren’t limited to just shirts like you would if you bought a pack of whites from somewhere else. Try tie-dyeing your bed sheets, socks, or even material for headbands!


Sheer Skirt

This is a simple and cute way to spice up an old skirt that’s been sitting in your closet or that you find at Goodwill. Once you’ve found a skirt, find matching sheer material from the linen section at Goodwill to match it. Measure it around your waist and to the length you want, attach the ends in the back and wear it over your skirt. You’re on your way are sure to rock a stylish look this spring/summer!

Cut Shirt

One of our favorite DIY projects is cutting shirts! There are so many different ways to personalize your style, it’s unreal. You can cut the sides of the shirt and tie the strands together for a classic cut shirt style or if you’re feeling inventive, cut a creative design in the back. Visit Goodwill, get a few different styles of tops, go home and work your magic! Anyone can make fabulous, new, unique tops and have lots of fun while doing it.


Jean Fray

Jeans are the most comfortable, semi-casual attire. But in the summer heat, they can be uncomfortable. The solution is simple. Find your favorite pair of jeans for $5 at Goodwill and spruce them up with these helpful tips.

  1. Cut the legs to turn them into skinny leg capris.
  2. Fray the bottom of the cut for an extra chic look. This is easy and fun, and it will definitely help you stay cool during the hottest months of the year.


Pompom Shorts

What is everybody’s dream? To wear pajama shorts everywhere they go, right?! With a little creativity, this could become your reality! Find the most comfortable pair of pajama bottoms and some pompom material. Glue the pompom material on the bottom and on the sides, if you wish. People will think you bought them this way and they’re totally in style this summer!

Goodwill is your thrifting headquarters! Anything you need to thrift and create inventive DIY projects can be found at your local Goodwill. From clothes to toys, and shoes to housewares, Goodwill has it all. If you don’t find exactly what you were searching for, check back in a couple of days. We exchange inventory each and every day! Plus, by shopping at Goodwill, you support our mission of changing lives through education, training, and employment.

Send us pictures of the DIY projects you’ve been able to accomplish with thrifted items from Goodwill at We would love to see your awesome projects and share them with our followers on social media.