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A New Start – A Chance to Show the World Who He Really Is
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Learning From the Past and Dreaming of the Future
Sarah Pine’s Story

2018 Award Winners

Julia Cody | Graduate of the Year

Julia Cody of Benton is the 2018 Graduate of the Year. Since completing Goodwill’s re-entry program, Julia joined Jimmy’s Serious Sandwiches and was promoted to Assistant Manager. She reunited with her daughters and purchased a home. Congratulations, Julia!

Kendal Covington | Achiever of the Year

Kendal Covington of North Little Rock is the 2018 Frank Lyon, Jr. Achiever of the Year. Since completing Goodwill’s re-entry program, Kendal has joined Goodwill’s Marketing team, enrolled in college, purchased a car and regained custody of her son. Congratulations, Kendal!

2017 Award Winners

 Teresa Cox| 2017 Achiever of the Year

 Teresa Cox of Bella Vista is the 2017 Frank Lyon, Jr. Achiever of the   Year. Teresa shares her story of how Goodwill’s TEO program   helped her get her life on track through job training and   employment. It’s a story of hard work, determination and second   chances, and you will be inspired!
 Nikki Killion | 2017 Graduate of the Year
 Nikki Killion of Little Rock is the 2017 Graduate of the Year.   Through Goodwill’s job training programs, Nikki developed the     skills and self-confidence needed to get a great job. Hers is a story   of hope and inspiration!
Ozark Mountain Poultry| 2017 Employer of the Year
Ozark Mountain Poultry of Rogers/Batesville is the 2017 Employer of the Year. Ozark Mountain Poultry hires people that face barriers to employment. They provide benefits and a good rate of pay for entry level positions so the people Goodwill serves can support their families
Kenneth Smith| 2017 Volunteer of the Year
Kenneth Smith is the 2017 Volunteer of the Year. Kenneth works with our Transitional Employment Opportunity program participants each week. He teaches the people we serve basic computer skills.
Hope Credit Union| 2017 Business Partner of the Year
Hope Credit Union is the 2017 Community Partner of the Year. Hope Credit Union has opened more than 70 bank accounts for people served by Goodwill at a discount. Membership fees are waived for every Goodwill employee and client.

Past Award Winners

Jholen Faulkner| 2016 Graduate of the Year
Jholen Faulkner of Little Rock is the 2016 Graduate of the Year. Through Goodwill’s job training program, Jholen developed the skills and self-confidence needed get a great job, and he has big plans for his future. His is a story of hope and inspiration.
Johnney Mack Longhorn| 2016 Frank Lyon Jr Achiever of the Year
Johnney Mack Lawhorn of Springdale is the 2016 Frank Lyon Jr. Achiever of the Year. Johnney shares his story of how Goodwill’s TEO program helped him get his life on track through job training and employment. It’s a story of hard work, determination and second chances, and you will be inspired.
PCS OnCall| 2016 Employer of the Year
PCS OnCall of Jonesboro is the 2016 Employer of the Year. Hear how PSC works with Goodwill to build their workforce.
Martin O. Jordan| 2016 Volunteer of the Year
Martin O. Jordan is the 2016 Volunteer of the Year. Learn the inspirational story of this Vietnam veteran who so generously gives his time and talents to Goodwill.
KLRT FOX16 | 2016 Business Partner of the Year
KLRT FOX16 is the 2016 Business Partner of the Year. FOX16 understands and helps further Goodwill’s mission. Hear why FOX16 is committed to partnering with Goodwill to help Arkansans find jobs.
Brian Miller | 2015 Graduate of the Year
Brian Miller made some decisions in his life that resulted in a felony conviction. Miller was unable to find employment or provide for his family. He attended a job fair at Goodwill and entered the TEO program. Three months into the TEO program, Miller’s production supervisor noticed his great potential and decided to offer Brian a full time position. Two promotions later, he continues to demonstrate his gratefulness and appreciation by modeling the Goodwill mission. Miller’s hard work, dedication and true desire to turn his life around made him the ideal candidate for Goodwill’s Graduate of the Year 2015.
John Crihfield | 2015 Frank Lyon Jr. Achiever of the Year
“I work in donations. I love being here. It’s a second family to me.” Less than two years ago, John Crihfield was serving a 20 year sentence in federal prison. Now, he is a TEO graduate, admired Goodwill® employee and most important, our 2015 Achiever of the Year. NWA Reentry Coach, Joe Bruton said, “All the hard work that John has put in to help change his life – the award could not go to a more deserving individual.” Crihfield has overcome extreme obstacles to be where he is today. He calls Goodwill “his home” and is an integral part of the Goodwill® in Fayetteville – College team. We are proud of his accomplishments.
Rayvion Perkins | 2014 Graduate of the Year
“The Goodwill Job Training program helped a lot. It gives you that push, and puts you on the right track.” Rayvion Perkins was diagnosed with a developmental disability in her teenage years, lost her mother from complications after breast cancer surgery, and then fell into a deep depression. Rayvion was afraid to leave the house. After joining Goodwill’s Job Training program, Rayvion cultivated her skills as a stylist and now works in one of the world’s busiest retailers. She has gained fulltime employment, obtained her driver’s license, and purchased her first home.
Jo Layne Wilson | 2014 Frank Lyon Jr. Achiever of the Year
“Never, ever give up.” After Jo Layne Wilson battled addiction and being incarcerated, she joined Goodwill’s Transitional Employment Opportunity (TEO) program. Jo excelled in the TEO program and prepared to seek outside employment. Goodwill did not want to lose her, so we hired her at our corporate office. Jo is now a Data Management and Reporting Specialist, who works in our Workforce Development department. Jo works with people in Goodwill’s TEO and Reentry Beyond Disabilities programs.
Kendra Watson | 2013 Graduate of the Year
“I have never been around a company that is so inspiring, and so non-judgmental. They give you all the tools you need to make it. They helped me put my past behind me and move forward.” Kendra Watson thought her tainted background and criminal record meant she was at a dead-end when she was trying to find a job.Then she learned about Goodwill’s Transitional Employment Opportunity (TEO) program.
Shawn Fadling | 2013 Frank Lyon Jr. Achiever of the Year
“They stepped out on a limb with me and gave me a chance, when nobody else would. I have given them every bit of me possible [in return].” Shawn Fadling grew up in an abusive environment and came to Goodwill after a bout with drugs. All Shawn needed was a chance. After entering the TEO program, Shawn continued to overcome adversity and succeed.

Other Success Stories

Lanetra| Academy at Goodwill Graduate
Although LaNetra has more than 10 years of customer service experience, she had limited options due to some choices she made earlier in life. To acquire skills such as Microsoft Word, email and the internet, LaNetra participated in one of the training programs through the Academy at Goodwill. During the 16-week program, LaNetra learned computer skills, team building, time management and networking skills. Today, LaNetra is a career and technical education trainer with Goodwill.

“Goodwill’s program changed my life. I am grateful for all the work and dedication Goodwill provided.” – LaNetra

Brian | Goodwill Industries International Achiever of the Year 2017
Brian made some decisions in his life that resulted in a felony conviction. He was unable to find employment or provide for his family. He attended a job fair at Goodwill and entered the Transitional Employment Opportunity program. Three months into the program, Brian’s production supervisor noticed his great potential and decided to offer Brian a position. Today, he continues to demonstrate his gratefulness and appreciation by modeling the Goodwill mission as the production manager at Goodwill.

“When people come to Goodwill they can change their life. They definitely helped me change mine…Goodwill gave me an opportunity.” – Brian

Jim | Work Activity Participant
Jim was referred to Goodwill for training and to become job ready. Goodwill’s Work Activity program provided Jim with the means to work beyond his intellectual disability and challenge himself. He is working towards employment in the community and is a shining example of Goodwill’s programs at work.

“Goodwill helps their clients. At Goodwill, we get to go to places in the community that other programs might not get to go to. To me, Goodwill is in front and leading the way.” -Jim

Casey | Fleet Management Specialist
Casey helps the people we serve get to and from work each day. “I enjoy interacting with our people,” he says. “It’s most rewarding to help people find jobs and housing and seeing them gain a sense of knowing who they are and who they can become.” Casey sees firsthand how programs and services provided by Goodwill change people’s lives.

“I’ve been down some of the same roads they’ve been down. I can relate to the people we serve. I talk to them about what they can do and what they should do.” – Casey

Everett | Transitional Employment Opportunity Graduate
After Everett’s parents divorced, he moved in with his mother and got involved with illicit activities to help support them financially. As years passed, he became accustomed to the street way of living and found himself in trouble with the law due to his criminal behavior. Once released from prison, he was referred to Goodwill’s Transitional Employment Opportunity program and was able to turn his life around. Everett is now gainfully employed at Crain Kia and is eager to see far he will go in the future!

“Goodwill gave me the motivation to never give up and to always keep pushing, no matter how hard it gets.” – Everett

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