EDUCATION | The Excel Center® at Goodwill


Our Mission

The Excel Center provides adults the opportunity and support to earn a high school diploma while developing career paths that offer greater employment and growth opportunities. Our schools “meet students where they are” in their education by providing a flexible structure and supportive relationships to help students manage work, life and family concerns as they achieve their educational goals.

Our Vision

Thousands of individuals drop out of high school each year, impacting their career potential as employers seek workers with higher skills and specialization. As part of our commitment to enhance career potential and access to high-growth jobs for high school dropouts, The Excel Center provides effective ways to provide adult high school students accelerated learning, opportunities for post-secondary education, and individualized career planning.

The Excel Center® at Goodwill is the first adult high school in Arkansas. It will provide students over the age of 19 a second chance to earn a high school diploma. The school is tuition-free to its students, with flexible and accelerated class schedules to meet the needs of working and busy adults. The school will also partner with our Trade School, so students may earn industry recognized credentials concurrently as they earn their high school diploma. There will be a free drop-in daycare and transportation assistance will be available if needed. Classes begin in August 2017.

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