When it comes to Halloween, there are clearly two sets of people – ok four. There are the candy corn and the anti-candy corn people. (Personally I’m pro candy corn) And then there are the elaborate costume folks and the “I’m dressed up like me” folks. (I’m probably the latter.)

I blame my lack of vision, imagination and craftiness for my inability to come up with fun, creative costumes. But something strange happens when I walk into a Goodwill… I’m immediately immersed in inspiration. So now, I create my costume right then and there – yes, in this case, on the sales floor of the Bryant Goodwill. I might not be a costume genius (or a great selfie taker) – but I have fun!

A fedora to cap off an inspector costume   A trench coat is an inspector costume essential

Check out the fedora I found in the hat section! Pair it with the tan trench coat I found on the coat rack, and for around $10 I have a “Top Secret Inspector” costume. An added bonus – you can still wear the hat & coat after Halloween! (Just not together, you’ll look suspicious.)

Funny children's poster hat

You can’t expect me to look for Halloween costumes and not try on a silly monster hat. Sure, It’s for kids…. But I think I can pull it off. And it’s only around $2!

formal dress

Want to go the more traditional, spooky route? Find a dress in the formalwear area, cut some holes in it and rip some seams, then add a little red paint… = “Prom Gone Wrong.”

    yellow hat