As most of you all know, it is sweater weather in the Natural State. Temperatures can get well below freezing, and we want to make sure you are prepared with lots of warm, DIY essentials!

Sweater DIY #1 – Fashion

Find sweaters at Goodwill for deeply discounted prices and give them a new life! Remember, you don’t have to have multiple sweaters to keep your wardrobe fun and fresh. You can have just a few and style them differently each time you wear them. Whether you accompany them with a jean jacket, tuck them in your pants or pair them with leggings, you are sure to rock a very diverse wardrobe!

Sweater DIY #2 – Rest and Relaxation

As you can see, we didn’t need anything special to create this. All we needed was a sweater from Goodwill, scissors and a little creativity! We placed the pillow in the center of the sweater and cut the sleeves off. We then cut slits in the edges of the material and tied matching ends together. We didn’t want to waste any material, so we used the sleeves to make a cover for our favorite coffee mug. Now, we can have a warm and cozy morning snuggling up with our pillow and drinking coffee.

Sweater DIY #3 – Fur Babies

How could we forget about our fur babies? Even though they have their own warm coat, we bet they would appreciate a little tender love and care this winter! When you shop at Goodwill, find a kid’s sweater, or an adult’s sweater, that can be adjusted to fit your fur baby just right. As you can see, we found the perfect sweater for our precious Clover. She was so happy for the extra warmth and proud of her new style!