January is the month when people set new goals for themselves to improve different aspects of their lives! We thought it might be helpful for us to give you some resolution ideas, or if you have already chosen one, how to find inspiration to fulfill it. Goodwill Industries of Arkansas is all about revitalizing peoples’ lives and would love to help YOU further your New Year’s resolution.

1.) The first and most common New Year’s resolution is to improve health. Improving your overall health by eating a balanced diet and exercising can improve other areas of your life as well: self-esteem, energy, attitude, etc. Goodwill is in the business of providing the tools you may purchase to help you achieve those goals, but you have to be crafty!

A.)   Purchase equipment in our stores that can help you achieve those goals from home! This Stair Master, for example, is for sale in our store in West Little Rock for a deeply discounted price. If purchased, it will be available for use whenever it is convenient for you. It also provides a constant reminder for you to keep your resolution.

B.)    Find good quality, healthy cookbooks in our stores. Books are available in each of our Goodwill retail locations. Cookbooks are a great avenue for learning new and healthy recipes for you and your family. Clean eating is one of the most important factors during your transition to a healthy lifestyle. You need healthy fuel to provide energy so you can exercise properly on your new Stair Master (or whatever piece of equipment you find or need).

2.) Find a new hobby! Goodwill has items to help you find a new hobby and get started for a small investment. You can find linen to learn to sew, glassware if you want to start a collection or even sports equipment for the athletes out there!


3.) Maybe your resolution is to pay something forward. You want to give back to your community? Goodwill is just the place for you. Everything you do for Goodwill has a lasting impact on you, someone in your community and on the environment. The funds raised in our thrift stores from your Goodwill donations go toward funding education, training and employment opportunities for Arkansans. You can also volunteer for Goodwill. Whatever you want to do to give back, we can help. Visit The Great Give and get involved with Goodwill TODAY!