I got a sewing machine when I was in high school, so that’s when I really started getting into
updating clothing pieces: turning pants into shorts, tees into crop tops–I even made my own
prom dress! I did this for clothes I already owned, but I also did this for pieces from Goodwill that
had potential. Like, if a dress had a pretty floral print, but a terrible silhouette and shoulder pads,
I would transform that outdated piece into something amazing.

I’ve always loved going to Goodwill and searching through racks upon racks of clothes to find
the hidden gems. When others ask me where I got certain things and I say “Goodwill,” I usually
get one of two reactions: one is surprised and impressed, and the other is surprised, but not in a
good way. A lot of people simply do not see the potential that lies in secondhand clothing from
thrift stores or even the clothing they already own.

It takes a bit more effort to look at your own clothes or thrifted clothes in this way, and it requires a little technical skill, so this is why we started this business. We want people to be able to
enjoy the benefits of rejuvenating clothes without having to worry about the work that goes into
making it happen. We want to demonstrate that buying secondhand and utilizing your current closet is not only the
easiest way to be green, but it’s also the most affordable and personally satisfying.

At Awaken Atelier, we playfully like to call ourselves “The Fixer Uppers of Fashion” because we
can turn any wardrobe (and we mean any) into the wardrobe of your dreams. We believe that
you deserve a collection of clothes that makes you feel alive, even if you do not have the time or
capability to put it together yourself.

So, we are here to help! We will assist you in cleaning out your closet of the pieces you no
longer need (we’ll even take them to Goodwill for you!), updating those pieces you own that are
out of style or don’t fit correctly, and finally, supplementing your wardrobe with pieces from our
original collection of custom-made, updated secondhand clothing items from Goodwill.

Our goal is to use fashion to help you look and feel like the best version of yourself, and one
primary aspect of that is guiding you in seeing the value in clothes that already exist in thrift
stores and in your own closet.



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